Data Visualisation / Infographics

Data Journalism

I am deeply interested in digital data. I searched / scraped a lot of websites and datasets to prepare intriguing stories. Below, you can find some examples about my data visualisation and infographic work.

Assembly Report

In this project, we investigated the work of MP’s for an assembly term. We conducted an in-depth analysis for each MP who works in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and checked who did what. Results showed us which party did more assembly work and who failed to do so.

Map of Emergency Meeting Points of Izmir

In this interactive map, I visualised the Emergency Meeting Points of Izmir. Data provided by official institutions.

Article about the map (Turkish):

Bicycle User Data of Metro

This interactive chart shows the amount of bicycle users who uses Izmir metro lines between 2020 and 2021.

Decline Of Public Transportation Usage

Covid-19 pandemic affected how we travel, specially public transport. This chart I prepared shows the dramatic decline of the public transportation use in Izmir.

World Population Race

I prepared this chart for fun 🙂 It shows which country is world leader in terms of population.