Çarşamba, Eylül 18, 2019


I have born in Çanakkale in 1993. After I complete my secondary education at Çanakkale High School, I started my undergraduate education in Ege University Journalism program. I have lived in Poland in 2014 for 6 months as part of Erasmus exchange program. After returning from Poland, I started to work in a local newspaper in Izmir. After I graduated from Ege University, I have moved to Istanbul and started to work here. Then, I was accepted in Master's program in Kadir Has University. I published a thesis here regarding "clickbait news", which is named "News Readers' Perception of Clickbait News". I am currently working in BirGun Daily as an internet editor and interested in data/multimedia journalism.

I can describe myself as a hardworking and open-minded person. My biggest code in the work is to deliver the wanted job on time, prepared with the best effort. I consider myself as a responsible person and I am eager to learn new things, every day. I love teaching myself new skills and practice via the internet and online courses.


• I worked as an IT support in Ege University Communication Faculty between 2012-2014.

• Between 2014-2016, I worked in multiple roles in local newspaper Ege'de Son Söz such as Social Media Management, Editing/creating news stories and preparing multimedia reports.

• I am currently working for BirGün Daily as an internet editor, creating data-driven and multimedia stories/videos.

• Also, I am working as a freelance content writer for various agencies and institutions.



•Experienced in Microsoft Office family and Adobe Photoshop.

• Adequate command of CSS3 and HTML5. Currently learning how to code with Python.

Data visualisation, mining and cleaning via web tools (Data Miner, Tableau, Canva, infogr.am, Flourish etc.)

• Good command of video shooting and video editing with Adobe Premiere. Preparing videos for different platforms. Currently practicing on After Effects. Also took video editing classes via my Masters program.

• +3 years of experience with WordPress CMS. Designed and edited various themes, accustomed to many plugins.

• Have been writing articles, stories, news and blogs for more than 5 years.

• Have no problem with working under stress, experienced with time management for close deadlines.

Multitasking. I love having difficult challenges at hand and to be riddled with different tasks.

Fluent in English and Turkish as the main tongue.


(+90) 554 656 01 50


[email protected]